Forrest Green Solutions Ltd. Privacy Statement

Forrest Green Solutions Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information provided by individuals using its various online solutions. Personal information is information about an identifiable person and includes such things as their name, address, gender, contact information as well as opinions and preferences.

In keeping with best practices, Forrest Green Solutions Ltd. processes all personal information using seven guiding principles:

  • According to existing federal and provincial legislation where fairness and transparency are of primary importance.
  • Using any personal information exclusively for the sole purpose of completing the work requested as per any end-user licensing agreement.
  • Requesting and processing the strict minimum of information to allow Forrest Green to complete any work.
  • Maintaining the accuracy of all personal information provided.
  • Storing and using any personal information for only as long as required.
  • Maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information through robust cyber-security and human resource policies and practices.
  • Ensuring accountability of processes to police clients and to their end-user clients.


Please note that Forrest Green Solutions Ltd. has no access to any of the results of criminal record checks. That information is strictly shared between the police service carrying out the check and the individual requesting the check.

Our complete Privacy Policy can be obtained by communicating with us by email at [email protected]