Safe Neighbourhood Camera Registry

Safe Neighbourhood Camera Registry (SNCR) is developed by Canadians and hosted on servers in Canada.

Communities Working To Reduce Crime

  • SNCR is a secure web interface that allows residents and businesses to quickly and easily register that they have publicly facing cameras and would be willing to share imagery should a crime occur in their view. 
  • By registering with the SNCR, you will help to maintain a safe community. 

Maintaining Privacy With The Community

  • SNCR does not have access to live camera feeds.
  • Community members register that they have a camera and indicate that they’d be willing to share footage in the event of an incident.

Does SNCR have access to your cameras?

No, SNCR does not have access to cameras. SNCR only asks community members basic questions about their camera to aid investigative usefulness. (An example: Does the camera face the road?). If a crime occurs nearby, local police may reach out via your contact information and request footage for that period. This is an entirely voluntary program.