What We Do

An overview of what we have accomplished at PoliceSolutions.ca

Criminal Record Checks

We handle all aspects of online intake for criminal record checks for police services, including demographics, report selection, secure fee payment, and identity verification.

Once the information and payment have been processed, and the applicant’s identity authenticated, the entire request is made available to the police through our online administrative portal.

The results can be mailed to the applicant, or uploaded to the applicant’s online account for secure download. The solution is provided to the police at no cost.

Analytic Dashboards

Dashboards are a data analysis tool that can be used to monitor trends, analyze data, and measure key performance indicators (KPI) to better communicate a police service’s story to their communities, their stakeholders, and their oversight bodies. The dashboards can be created and customized for each police service using their ideas and available data sources.

Presently, we have more than 50 different templates from which to select.

Training And Support

For all of our services we provide comprehensive start-up training and ongoing support.

We also offer additional support and guidance to all our police clients, with specific emphasis on First Nation Police Services, related to the release of information, including the type of queries that should be completed for each type of police check.

Freedom Of Information (FOI) Module

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Module assists police services in the intake and processing of information requests from the public. 

FOI Module acts as a virtual front counter for incoming requests and streamlines the process to make police agencies more efficient and effective in responding to FOI requests. 

Safe Neighborhood Camera Registry

SNCR is a secure web interface that allows residents and businesses to quickly and easily register that they have publicly facing cameras and would be willing to share imagery should a crime occur in their view.

By registering with the SNCR, you will help to protect your neighbourhood.